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You are your own brand!


We started our journey as local branding Perth experts, but now we have spread our wings further and wider. Sure, we pull from decades of work around the world, but now we are Perth and Australia focused and loving it!

We have been in this business a long time, which is why we have a handpicked team of marketing geniuses, master story tellers, artists and business strategists. Whether you are creating a new brand or going through a rebrand, you've come the right place.

At Coconut Smash, it is our mission to tell your story with impactful branding strategies.

We already know that you are more than a logo.  You are moving, living, growing culture. Together, we will help you deliver a consistent message to your clients, media, people in the industry, friends and family. We will tie in themes, tones, colours, style, social purposes. We will ensure quality and communication at every step.


We make things simple at Coconut Smash which is why you never hear us spouting self-important marketing jargon. To the contrary, we call a spade a spade.

We put the hay down where the mules can reach it!

The good news is that we make the branding process fun because we will be on this journey together. 

We will learn about what makes you tick....we will listen to what values you hold highest.

And then we will build a communication framework to help you project your language, tone of voice and visual symbolism to the big bad world.

Yet the real Tiger Woods moment will come when you drive that golf ball off the tee. When you execute and implement your plan with power and excitement. 


This is where we get our hands dirty as we start digging around for important information. Some of it will be on your competition and industry. The rest will be on your business and its existing images and visual designs.


Time to review what we dug up on our research expedition. This is where we want to understand our findings.... to get to grips with your corporate values, vision for the future, your business aspirations. Things will get a lot more focused here as we begin to layout the tone of your communication, providing a rallying flag for you own troops. They will have a clear understanding of your business direction and your core brand values. 


Think of strategy like a flying arrow that is designed to hit the target. And without design, you would never deliver the strategy! It is at this phase where your brand starts to develop identity, colour, character. It is a stepping stone what will ripple into many facets of your business, including packaging and product development. Even office culture will bloom.


All your hard work culminates here in this implementation phase, as your new brand identity is revealed to the world. This is not a big tap moment when water suddenly gushes forth. No, it is like a well-planned reticulation system with various stations set to water at different times.  Multiple marketing channels are used to deliver your message: business cards, social media, PR, websites, fliers, trade shows, advertising. They are all used to convey your brand, tone, colour, what you value most and how you want to be portrayed. Remember, when you work with Coconut Smash, we are all in it to win it.

As a team!

For more information on how to improve your Branding Perth, call us on 1300 799 759 now.