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It's not what you's how you say it.


When it comes to Copywriting Perth, we have a bag full of brilliance to tap into, from ex journalists and magazine editors, to technical writers and website designers. 

Each one of our glorious team has a unique skill-set that is tailored to its own media format. That’s because some intended audiences have eyes and ears, while others have just bits and bites.

The art of writing is not how you engage a target, but your actual choice of weapon.

What weapon you may ask? A feathered quill, a platinum nib, a 2B pencil, a blue biro, a felt tip pen, a permanent marker, a computer keyboard?

No.....your weapon is your mind. 

And thus it is with Coconut Smash, that we stand out from the crowd, because words are our craft. We are wordsmiths. 

We know what a human wants to read, is a far cry from what Google wants to interpret.  Our copy is always strategically created, adapted and sculpted accordingly. Like Dr Doolittle (for those old enough to remember the movie),  we can talk to the animals.

We speak the language of our audience and communicate thus. 

We have excellent copywriting skills in house. 

  • Advertising copy
  • Website copy
  • Brochures
  • Fliers
  • Corporate reports
  • Public relations 
  • Merchandise
  • Editorial

Tap into our skills and mastery of the word. Explore what we have to offer with our Copywriting Perth.