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Coconut Smash - where visual perfection is not an illusion

Graphic Design for Perth Businesses

All your visual needs in one place with our Graphic Design Perth services.

Imagine going to a visual supermarket and its called Coconut Smash. And when you get there, you find a complete department store stocked with everything a graphic designer and Santa Claus would ever want or offer.

Imagine this: you can eat until you drop!

Congratulations. You're in graphic design nirvana.

  • Corporate brochures
  • Logo designs
  • Fliers
  • Business cards
  • Stationery
  • Giveaway promotional merchandise
  • Product packaging
  • Business proposals
  • Styling guides
  • End of Year (EOY) reports
  • Copy writing

Coconut Smash is not like a photocopying shop. There is no wham-bam-thank-you-man process with us. You're not put in a stack and stapled to a wad of paper. No. You are talking to artists. The best in Perth. And that means that we want to get to know you and your mission better. We are dream catchers. 

What we want is a graphic goal. An artistic outcome: visual heaven!