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The eye is in the beholder

Getting the best from your Photography Perth

Coconut Smash works with a pool of photographers that are multi-talented, very skilled and ever-present in photography Perth. What they can achieve and capture makes our creative marketing agency stand out from the crowd. They are worth their weight in gold and they are affordable! 

Did we say affordable? 

In today’s fast paced and socially media driven world, images are everything. For brochures, fliers, press releases, products, websites, trade shows, sales, marketing and yes…..even Instagram and Facebook. 

You cannot NOT live in the modern marketing world without making photography your priority. You simply cannot afford to hide this under a bush or in the cupboard.

It has to be a part of your brand identity almost weekly, if not daily. 

"Photography is a huge part of your brand identity. It is visual nectar that puts you on top of the social media boom. We don't go looking for bees - but we do tell them how to find you." 

Yesterday's PR is today's Social Media

Marketing is about keeping up with the times which is something so many companies fail to do. Often they throw bandaid solutions at massive pipe bursts, when they could have built their foundation on concrete, not sand. As such, the tide comes in and washes away the very thing that keeps them buoyant. 

Photography is a much-forgotten tool that has been capitalised on by so many younger, savvy "influencers".  It has morphed their existences from being marketing implements, into very potent weapons. Photography was their single, most powerful arrow. 

Photography has to be in your marketing mix or quiver. Failure to do so is a flaw in your strategic planning.