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Use product reviews to boost sales

Turning great product reviews into liquid gold!

Coconut Smash is one of the very few companies in Australia that focuses on Product Reviews, as a key marketing strategy. That’s because we know how much weight they can carry. 

Writing reviews is also an art form. It is not a simple matter of punching keys, hitting enter, save and send. To the contrary it has to be done in conjunction with all other marketing elements including your overall presence on the worldwide web.

"Did you know that one in five buyers will not consider buying products from a new company, if it doesn’t have a decent website or reviews?  That’s right… could lose 20% of your market potential, if your digital presence sucks!"

Get your website sorted first!

As crazy as this sounds, 40.5% of all businesses pay no attention to how their website looks or performs. They almost ignore it after it goes live. It is like building a school, putting kids into it and then forgetting to feed them!

An outrageous analogy, right?


This problem is not confined to new or small businesses either. We have helped major companies uplift their presence and brand on so many occasions.

Our agency is different. Very different. We have the ability to bridge the gap between what consumers expect and what you deliver. This is based upon extensive experience and research.

Coconut Smash uses all the necessary digital platforms and offline tools, to help your customers choose you and nobody else. Often this involves strategic product reviews that are carefully placed in the right marketing channels. All these services we provide in-house with experts who rank every time they write or review something. We go out of our way to place you on Google and other key search engines.  The result is often instant  and so satisfying!

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