General Questions

The name comes from a song that our CEO invented and use to sing to his kids when they were little:

“Splish splash

Coconut smash

Climbing up a tree

Like a mon-key-key”


And thus, the name Coconut Smash was plucked from something closest to his heart, because guess what…..he's a big kid at heart like all of us.

The truth is that this name also evokes positive vibes. Such simple words are the childish embodiment of narrative and rhyme, yet when you analyse them, notice what happens to your manner: a vision flashes before you eyes and you start to smile.

All those emotions and feelings have been kindled and stoked by simple verse. But that’s what we do best. We deliver impact, emotion and meaning.  

Awesome question....and the answer is yes!

We work with companies of all sizes, including entrepreneurs who are getting ready to take the plunge.

Remember, our experience spans decades. We know the road ahead and how to help clients avoid the pitfalls of launching a business, whilst also shaping their creative visions.

Very few creative agencies can offer artistic creativity and business consultancy under one roof, so you get the benefit of tried and tested leadership, as well as cutting edge know how.

We are a close-knit team of six men and women that have worked together for over 12 years. We are also very international covering five countries and goodness knows how many languages (including English, Portuguese, French and Hebrew). You may have one person that will ultimately lead your project, but behind the scenes, you get the whole multitalented team working for you. Our skills are hugely diverse but we love what we do and get the job done every time.

With nearly four decades of experience under out belt, we consider these to be are greatest strengths:

RESEARCH: we pride ourselves on being thorough, learning everything we need to know about your competition, your product, the right marketing channels for distribution, packaging and pricing.

INDUSTRY KNOWLEDGE: when we take on clients, we come to the table with (some grey hair!) experience and knowledge. We eat, breath and sleep strategy.

CUTTING EDGE TECHNIQUES: we employ marketing techniques that are on the edge of innovation and development. This is especially true of SEO (website optimisation). 

BUDGET: with years of work in travel and entertainment, nothing is more important to us that coming in on time and under budget. There are never surprises.

JARGON: we don't use it. We call a spade a spade. We have zero interest in technical lingo that is designed to confuse our clients.

Travel Industry Questions

Our team has been involved in the travel industry for over 30 years. This dates back to 1991 when our CEO was responsible for setting up the meeting management unit for IATA worldwide. It was his responsibility to book meetings for the airline industry up to 5 years in advance. His history includes working as a consolidator and wholesaler (over 10 airlines).

Today, Coconut Smash is actively contracted to do branding, marketing promotions, website design, SEO & digital marketing (SEM), with numerous travel agencies, cruise companies and charter boat operators. We have regular involvement with the cruiseline industry and have working knowledge of all 110 cruise lines....even with COVID-19 getting in the way!

We have working knowledge of GDS reservation systems and have in-house Amadeus capabilities.

We work incredibly closely with Rezdy and have the capability of integrating their reservation platform with any travel supplier. We have designed our own iframe to that effect and have achieved huge sales results from all integrated clients. We are currently working with and expanding our involvement with Farehabor


We have designed multiple websites that profile cruise ships, cruise lines, expedition vessels, river cruise lines and major cruise ports throughout the world. So when you ask we know about cruise ships....we smile. 

Imagine having to create a site for 110 cruise lines, over 1500 cruise ships, every deck, cabin, restaurant, destination and itinerary in the world.

We're pretty sure that no creative agency or travel company has ever had this much experience working alongside the cruise industry. On top of this, we are members of the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) Australasia.


Placement on the first page of Google and Bing!

It is always our goal to rank a website above your competition. Most of the time we achieve this because we use digital marketing and SEO techniques, that no one knows about. Don't be fooled by just having a pretty website. This is only one third of what you need. We do the rest!


Wow....we have done so many campaigns in the past, but here are a few more interesting ones:

Concert Caravans: setting up bus tours for concert goers living outside major cities and busing them to the concert venue and back (note: 1 million tickets sold in the USA and Canada). Sponsored by MTV.

We developed the first ever Eco Tourism program in the world, in conjunction with Malaysian Airlines (MAS). This promoted the Island of Borneo, with tree-top canopy walks in Sabah & Sarawak.

We promoted the first ever hardware trade show in Russia when Glastnost opened the Soviet Union up. This was in conjunction with Servistar and involved lying executives into Moscow from all around the world .

We were contracted by Oceaneer Adventure Charters to market Kimberley coast cruises and Rowley Shoals. To this day, are considered the marketing authority for these two destinations.